Invitation letter for The 5th Ouya China Zhengzhou International Catering Materials Exposition in 2019

Invitation letter for The 5th Ouya•China Zhengzhou International Catering Materials Exposition in 2019
Exhibition time: May 4-6, 2019
Exhibition venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: Henan Catering and Restaurant Industry Association, Henan Institute of Food Science and Technology, Henan Meat Association, Zhengzhou Ouya International Exhibition Limited company
Supporting units: Hot pot Committee of Henan Food and Restaurant Industry Association, Celebrity Chef Committee, Western Food Committee, Supplier Committee, Food Material Committee, Professional Committee for Acquisition and Supply of Henan Hotel Chamber of Commerce, Henan Food Industry Scientific Research Limited company
Exhibition Overview
As a large-scale professional exhibition in the mainland of China, Ouya Catering Materials Exhibition has become the preferred platform for the annual release of new products in the catering industry. It is the first choice for all kinds of catering supply chain enterprises to visit, purchase and negotiate cooperation. It is the best channel for domestic and foreign food material brands to expand the mainland market. It has attracted many well-known enterprises of domestic and foreign catering materials to gather in Zhengzhou and compete with each other. Eurasian Food and Beverage Material Exhibition "is a platform to show the highlights of products, publicize the image of enterprises, and seize the commanding highlights of the catering market in central and Western China and North China!"
Scope of Exhibits
Meat ingredients: frozen/frozen fresh meat, meat rolls, meatballs, ham, sausages, conditioned foods and ready-to-eat products, etc.
Aquatic seafood: frozen seafood, dried seafood, live food, aquatic conditioning food and deep processed products, etc.
Poultry food: frozen poultry, split poultry, poultry meat conditioning food, poultry meat processed food, eggs, etc.
Vegetable mushrooms: frozen vegetables, conditioning vegetables, pickles, pickles, vegetable products and various edible mushrooms, etc.
Fast food: instant rice, soup, instant food, instant porridge, conditioning bag, etc.
Organic Food Material: New Organic Food Material, Eco-culture/Planting Base, Soybean Products, Flour Products, Miscellaneous Grain Products, Shanzhen Game, etc.
Food seasoning: hot pot seasoning, cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning sauce, soup, etc.
Chain franchise: chafing dish chains, Chinese food chains, Western food chains, fast food chains, ice products chains and services, etc.
Relevant Equipment: Food Processing Equipment, Sterilization Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Warehousing and Cold Chain Logistics Equipment, etc.
Business friends interested in participating in the exhibition, 
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