China (Guangzhou) Intl Fruit Expo 2019

China (Guangzhou) Intl Fruit Expo 2019
Date: June,  27th-29th, 2019
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex
Address: No.  380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Website:  http://www.fruit-expo.com/index.php?lang=en

Preview of Fruit Expo 2019
Supported by 208  Guangzhou-located foreign embassies and consulates of Indonesia, USA, Chile,  Thailand, Argentina, Spain, Malaysia, Australasia, Greece, and Vietnam and  overseas professional associations, magazines, websites, Fruit Expo 2019 is  going to be staged on a show floor of 30,000 sq.m, hosting 500+ exhibitors and  30,000 visitors. Hosted in Guangzhou, one of the biggest fruit trade hubs in  Southeast Asia, Fruit Expo 2019 will be able to put its hands on the best  industry resources for its attendees to share! 

Review of Fruit Expo 2018
On a show floor of 10,000m2,  over 160 exhibitors gathered for the show, including Pagoda (Biggest Fruit Chain  Store), JD.com (One of biggest E-commerce Platform), Great Sun Food (One of  Biggest Fruit Suppliers), Walmart (One of Biggest Retail Store) and etc. For  international pavilions, overseas exhibitor groups from 6 countries (Thailand,  Vietnam, Chile, India, Philippines, Greece), in addition to those independent  exhibitors from Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, and Indonesia, marking a stunning  overseas exhibitor attendance rate of over 30%! 90% exhibitors were content with  the show. Many of them said that they will returning for Fruit Expo  2019.

Exhibition Scope:
− Fresh Fruit: fresh fruits, fresh cut,  organic product, etc.
− Processed Fruit: frozen fruit products, dried fruits,  fruit cans, fruit juice, fruit jam, preserved fruits, nuts, highly processed  fruits, etc.
− Fruit Processing Equipment & Technology;
− Cold Chain  & Logistics;
− Fruit Growing & Post-harvest Handling;
− Fresh  Retail & Related Technology; etc.

If you are interested in sourcing worldwide fruit products  and gaining global reach, then please don’t hesitate to attend Fruit Expo  2019!
Organizing Committee
Contact  Person:Ms.Liu
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Phone+86 20 2917  8996
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