Private Label & FMCG Customization Exhibition 2019

Co-located with:2019 Retail Consumer Innovation and Channel Marketing ConferenceExhibition

August 21-23, 2019
National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai (NECC)

China Commerce Association for General Merchandise (CCAGM)
China Unattended Retail Association (Unattended Retail Branch of CCAGM) 

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Exhibition Overview

With the continuous improvement of the living standard of Chinese people, the demand for quality of life is constantly raised, and the consumption of private brands and high-end consumer goods is increasing by more than 15% every year. As one of the main forms of business in the retail industry, the post-80s consumers have become the main consumers of fast consumer goods. Their consumption outlook is very different from that of the previous generation after 6070. The younger generation of consumers pursue the performance-to-price ratio of consumption. The 2019 Shanghai private brand and high-end consumer goods customization exhibition will be re-unveiled in August 2019 at Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, with exhibits on confectionery drinks. Home care products, personal care products, tobacco, wine, snack food and other private brands and high-end fast consumer products field of the latest brand display, private brand display, brand product promotion, on behalf of processing enterprises show, is a quick and comprehensive understanding of the own brand, High-end consumer goods market and brand, access to global convenience stores, unattended stores, commercial Chao, online stores, new micro stores, wholesale agency market excellent opportunities. 

An international event from its own brand and high-end FMCG industry.

Visitors and delegates from all over the country gathered together. Private brands, fast consumer customization enterprises and convenience stores, unattended stores and stores, wholesale market wholesalers, online stores, New microshop and so on bring regional and industry-wide recognition and support, and organize a private brand. High-end consumer products marketing forum to share views, ideas, innovations, new products and new services with a real global perspective. 2019 Shanghai own brand and high-end consumer goods custom exhibition provides a unique opportunity for you, Let you meet new investors, agents, distributors; New convenience stores, franchises decision makers, looking for the latest free brand manufacturers.

The exhibition will attract manufacturers from more than 50 countries, dozens of national and regional exhibition groups, more than 50,000 square meters of exhibition space. At that time, exhibitors will have the opportunity to work with large supermarkets from more than 100 countries around the world, department store Carrefour,Auchan,Leclerc,Tesco (accounting for 12% of total sales in the UK), and the largest supermarket group Coop. Wal-mart,METRO,EDEKA,ALDI,REWE,LIDL chain store, SPAR,KONZUM,A.S. Watson,NETTO, Asia and South America have 1.3 million chains stores such as MAKRO and AHOLD and so on ) retailers and wholesalers to negotiate, which will create opportunities for international private brand manufacturers to enter global hypermarkets and retail stores.

If your business is already a supplier of your own branded products, then PLFC will provide you with more buyers. If your business is just beginning to get involved in its own brand market, PLFC will assist you in the market and success.

The content

Enter directly into supermarkets, department stores, chain stores, discount stores, convenience stores and products suitable for supermarket labeling: bread, pie, pastry, baked goods, dairy products, cheese, desserts, meat, seafood, fish, Fruits and vegetables, fresh salad, macaroni, pizza, semi-frozen / frozen food, cereal, canned food, dry goods, that is, food, ice cream cone, infant formula, organic, healthy food, nutritious food, oil, dressing, seasoning, All kinds of sauces, drinks and alcohol, chocolate, candy, biscuits, nuts, all kinds of snack foods, food packaging and other health and beauty categories: over-the-counter drugs and health products (vitamins, supplements, external medicine, oral care, toothpaste, etc.), Toothbrush, dental floss, oral cleaning, eye, ear, nose, foot care, thermometer, medical bandage gauze, health care first aid), female, adult and baby articles, beauty and hairdressing articles, household articles: household cleaning and aromatic articles, washing products, Household Paper, Sponge products, plastic products, insecticide Household utensils and diy products: cooking and baking utensils, tableware, food storage, household appliances, home textiles, cleaning tools, storage supplies, tape, car care, lawn garden supplies, DIY products food, department stores, fresh and other kinds of private brands and high-end consumer goods customized enterprises (retail stickers, retail OEM, retail processing enterprises)

Participation Fee

Standard Booth  (Note: 10% charge for double openings)

Exhibition Project

Specifications and requirements

Domestic enterprises

Overseas enterprises

Standard booth

3m×3m=9 m²

16,000yuan each

4 ,000USD each

Indoor Raw Space

Starts from 36 m²



Standard booth including: each standard booth three-sided wall board, two lights, a consultation table, two chairs, carpet, one 220V AC socket, Chinese and English Exhibition lintel, etc. Indoor light booth has no configuration: (requires 36m2 to rent)

How to exhibit?

1. Contact with the organizer to confirm your booth size & location; Fill in the Booth Application Form, and then send it back to the organizer;

2. Transfer the deposit and remaining costs on time listed on the Booth Application Form;

3. Booth allocation principle: "arrange after application & payment"

4. The organizer will send out the Exhibitors' Manual one month prior to the exhibition

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