2019 Shenzhen International Fisheries & Seafood Expo

Time: Nov 21th - 23th, 2019
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Official website: www.szseafoodexpo.com


Fisheries and Seafood over the sea

Great Taste throughout the country

-Welcome to join the feast of fisheries industry


Sponsors: China Aquaculture Chamber of Commerce

  Shenzhen Fisheries Industry Association

Shenzhen Catering Service Trade Association
Shenzhen Hotel Association
ITE(Asia)Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Supporters: Shenzhen Economic Trade and Information Commission

Co-Organizers: Shenzhen Fisheries Service and Aquatic Product Technology Extension Center

Shenzhen Bao’an Fisheries Industry Association

Shenzhen Bao’an Restaurants Service Industry Associations

Organizers: Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Seafood Feast, Gathering famous brands, Focusing on top trade

[ Exhibition Overview ]

Shenzhen is a beautiful and economically developed city on the southern tip of mainland China, bordering Hong Kong, with eight high-quality ports and convenient transportation. It can radiate from Shenzhen to the mainland of China, and can also travel from Shenzhen or Hong Kong's international airports to major cities around the world.

Shenzhen, the important international hub for marine and air transport and important trade port. Directly adjacent to Hongkong, connected to the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean, Shenzhen has become the important producer of aquatic products. Gathering aquatic products from the coast area of Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and oveseas area of Southeast Asia and Australia, attracting customers from South China even the whole country, transiting to Hongkong, Shenzhen also become the important supply base of aquatic products.

We sincerely invite all kinds of aquatic products companies. Based on the best platform of 2019 Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition, let’s exhibit various types of seafood ingredients innovative products. We will keep up with industry development, grow together with all exhibitors and wish greater success in future. Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition is now collaborating with excellent suppliers, spare no effort to make the international seafood industry feast with most influence in south China region. Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition is the high-quality aquatic products exhibition feast worthy of your attention!


[Review of the exhibition]

Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition adheres to the service concept of professional focus. The exhibition scale, specifications, number of exhibitors, attendees and on-site contracts have reached a new high. The scale of the 2018 exhibition was nearly 10,000 square meters, with 228 exhibitors and 9696 visitors, with a total signing amount exceeding 120 million yuan and an intention signing amount of 390 million yuan.

Since Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition was founded, the exhibition has provided high-quality docking services for the catering industry in China in the direction of setting the industry benchmark and promoting the development of the industry. Exhibitors include: Shanghai Daling Food, Guangdong Rainbow Aquatic, Shenzhen Fishnet Business, Shenzhen Xinbaosha Aquatic, GuanDong Hao Yang Quick-frozen Food, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, Shenzhen Yangxia Fisheries, Atlantic Canada Business Network, Shenzhen Allied Aquatic Product, Shenzhen Wah Shing Tai Yip Industrial, Guangdong Baisheng Qianxian Food, Dahe Aquatic Product, Shenzhen Shuiwan Pelagic Fisheries, Sansha Heying Eco Fisheries, Zhengsan FoodHong Kong Kong Yan Tong IndustryJiangsu Taihu Aquatic Products and so many well-known domestic aquatic enterprises have signed up for the exhibition. The exhibitors from other provinces and cities will become the main force of the exhibition and will certainly attract the attention of their counterparts at home and abroad and greatly gather the popularity of the exhibition.



Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macau fisheries products Exchange Meeting

Excellent seafood suppliers selection

Overseas Business Purchasing Matching Meeting

Hotel, Business Supermarkets and e-Commerce Serial Sourcing Events

Top imported seafood Purchasing Matching Meeting

Fisheries Industry Summit Forum  for Development

Market study of Hongkong fisheries industry


[Scope of exhibits]

All kinds of aquatic products, seafood products and process products

Aquatic products process, package, fresh-keeping tech and equipment

Seafood industry suppliers, seafood products agent

Fisheries fishing tools and tech

Aquaculture tech, equipment, fodder and fishery medicine


Booth RatesCustomer confirming to exhibit can enjoy a 30% discount before May 1, 2019

Standard Booth: 3m×3m=9m² (PS: plus 20 % for double-sided booth)

   Domestic Exhibitors: CNY 12000/9m²     Overseas Exhibitors: USD 3500/9m²

Indoor raw space: Minimum 36m², plus CNY 20/m² for management fee of raw space.

   Domestic Exhibitors: CNY 1200/m²     Overseas Exhibitors: USD 350/m²

PS: Each standard booth of 9 square meters includes three - sided coaming, carpet, one desk, two chairs, two spotlights and a 200V/500W power outlet.

KT boards cannot be posted in the booth.

Minimum 36m²for indoor raw space.

Raw space: only exhibition space and 24 - hour cleaning and security provided in the pavilion, no facilities included.


[Advantages of the exhibition]

The most professional seafood exhibition: Gehua series of fisheries and seafood exhibitions are dedicated to make two engines of transformation and development, actively exploit new way of seafood and ingredients purchasing, and to provide seafood companies’ promotion with a professional platform.

Participation of numerous dealers and agents: this year’s exhibition gathers famous enterprises and brands, some of whom release special new products show, bringing rounds of marketing tide, and many agents call us inquiring visiting issue.

Diversified Shenzhen catering culture: Shenzhen fisheries and seafood markets come into being actively competitive. Not only domestic middle but also top brands or international brands, can be found in Shenzhen’s market. Directly adjacent to Hongkong, Shenzhen is advanced in commercial and entertaining business. There are more than 20 thousand restaurants, including all kinds of different level as restaurants, food streets, sidewalk snack boothChinese or Western dining rooms and etc. Even the most picky eater will get the most satisfaction here. The characteristic of an immigrant city forms the diversified Shenzhen catering culture.

Numerous purchasing parties: Wal-Mart global purchasing center was set up in Shenzhen in 2002. Shenzhen is the headquarter of Wal-Mart in China. Besides that, there are many well-known supermarkets as Vanguard, Sam’s CLUB, Tianhong Store, Carrefour, OLE, Renrenle and etc. Shenzhen has over 30,000 restaurants, more than 1000 bars, 170 star grade restaurants, 21 five-star hotels, 47 four-star hotels. Most of the world’s leading hotel groups, such as Intercontinental, Sheraton, Marriott, Accorhotels, Hyatt, Kempinski have set up the hotels in Shenzhen.


Participation Procedure

1. Confirm the booth with the organizer and request the application form to fill in, then seal and fax it to the organizer after confirming to exhibit.

2. TT 50 % or all of the exhibition fees to the organizer within one week after applying for the booth and the balance should be paid off by October 20, 2019.

3. The principle of booth allocation: “applying and paying first, arranging first”

4. After receiving the booth payment, the organizer will send the " Exhibition Manual" to the exhibitors one month before the exhibition starts.

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