2019 Shenzhen International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition

Time: Nov 21th - 23th, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Official website: www.sinocateringexpo.com

Exhibition Overview:

The 2018 Shenzhen International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from Nov. 22-24. This is a platform with unlimited business opportunities for food and beverage products gathering together, and it is also a event for enterprises to collect products info. and achieve trade cooperation. The 3-day exhibition attracts 9,696 visitors. It brings unlimited business opportunities to the development of catering industry, investment promotion and trade negotiation of enterprises.

The 2018 Shenzhen International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition has already had a certain influence in South China and even the whole country. Domestic and foreign catering enterprises are optimistic about the market consumption capacity of South China. Many famous domestic catering enterprises consider taking part in Shenzhen International Food Exhibition as a bridgehead to enter the South China market, which can promote their products to the whole country and even overseas market. Exhibitors include: Henan Meishi Food、Shenzhen Xinbaosha Aquatic Industry、Nanjing Jinba Food、Shanghai Daling Food、Guangdong Rainbow Aquatic Development、Henan Fengrui Food、Xuzhou Meixin Food、Shenzhen Fishnet Business Management、GuanDong Hao Yang Quick-frozen Food、National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives、Atlantic Canada Business Network、Shenzhen Beef Meat、Hong Kong Kong Yan Tong Industry、Shenzhen Yangmama Industry、Guangdong Wenshi Jiawei Food、Suzhou Suweixuan food、Shandong Mamabao Food、Shenzhen Allied Aquatic Product、Zhengsan Food、Shenzhen Shuiwan Pelagic Fisheries、Shenzhen Wah Shing Tai Yip、Taihu Aquatic Products and so many well-known domestic catering enterprises have signed up for the exhibition, which certainly will attract the attention of their counterparts at home and abroad and greatly gather the popularity of the exhibition.


China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce

Shenzhen Catering Service Trade Association

Shenzhen Fisheries Industry Association

Shenzhen Hotel Association

ITE(Asia)Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Scope

◇Meat Products: Frozen / chilled meat, rolled meat, meatballs, ham, packaged meat, precooked meat products.

◇Seafood: Frozen seafood, dried seafood, live seafood, aquatic prepared products and deep-processing products.

◇ Poultry: frozen poultry, poultry parts, prepared poultry products, deep-processed poultry, egg products, etc. 

◇ Vegetable and Mushroom Products: frozen vegetables, prepared vegetables, pickles, preserved cabbage (kimchi), vegetable products and a variety of edible fungus/mushroom products, etc. 

◇Instant Food Products: instant steamed rice, instant soup, instant snacks, instant porridge, retort pouches, etc.

◇ Other Ingredients: soy products, flour products, cereal and grain products, wild venison and a variety of new organic ingredients; 

◇Food Seasonings: cooking oil, MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, sauces, soups, hot pot seasonings, etc.

◇All related equipment: Food processing equipment, sterilization equipment, packaging equipment, warehousing and cold chain logistical equipment, etc.

Booth Rates

★ Standard Booth: 3m×3m=9m² (PS: plus 20 % for double-sided booth)

   Domestic Exhibitors: CNY 12000/9m²     Overseas Exhibitors: USD 3500/9m²

★ Indoor raw space: Minimum 36m², plus CNY 20/m² for management fee of raw space. 

   Domestic Exhibitors: CNY 1200/m²     Overseas Exhibitors: USD 350/m²

★PS: Each standard booth of 9 square meters includes three - sided coaming, carpet, one desk, two chairs, two spotlights and a 200V/500W power outlet.

KT boards cannot be posted in the booth.

Minimum 36m²for indoor raw space.

Raw space: only exhibition space and 24 - hour cleaning and security provided in the pavilion, no facilities included.

Concurrent Activities (Expecting)

Catering purchase and supply docking meeting

Creative Food Cooking contest of National Hotel and Hotel Featured Catering Ingredients Session

Innovative catering forums

Hotel, Supermarket and Mart serial sourcing events

Excellent exhibition suppliers selection

National products of origin and organic ingredients promotion

Group meal supply chain exchange meeting

Large scale ingredients base docking catering enterprise fair

Participation Procedure

1. Confirm the booth with the organizer and request the application form to fill in, then seal and fax it to the organizer after confirming to exhibit.

2. TT 50 % or all of the exhibition fees to the organizer within one week after applying for the booth and the balance should be paid off by October 20, 2019.

3. The principle of booth allocation: “applying and paying first, arranging first”

4. After receiving the booth payment, the organizer will send the " Exhibition Manual" to the exhibitors one month before the exhibition starts.

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