2019 Second Chongqing International Baking Exhibition[2019年09月20-22日]

We sincerely invite your company to participate in the chongqing international food processing and packaging equipment exhibition——CIBE 2019

invitation leter


Chongqing international expo center

※The organizer

Guangdong hongwei international exhibition group co. LTD

※ support unit

Chongqing food industry association

Chongqing grain and oil association

Chongqing alcohol circulation chamber of commerce

China food and packaging machinery industry association

Chengdu packaging technology association

Hunan packaging technology association

Shanghai packaging technology association

Guangdong packaging technology association

※ organizer

Chongqing hongwei ruibo exhibition co. LTD

※ cooperative media

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Before the speech

Chongqing, the only municipality directly under the central government in western China, is a key engine of economic development and a major driving force for the development of the western region. Since the first quarter of 2014, chongqing has led the country in GDP growth for 10 consecutive quarters. In 2017, chongqing's GDP exceeded 1.95 trillion yuan, ranking fifth in the country. Led by chongqing and chengdu, western China's economy is growing rapidly, producing food, medicine, automobiles and electronics the rapid development of agriculture and industry represented by commodities has led to a new round of western construction.

The 2019 chongqing international food processing and packaging equipment expo will be held from September 20 to 22, 2019 at chongqing international expo center, which is also the largest and highest international exhibition platform in chongqing. Guangdong hongwei international exhibition group and chongqing international expo center signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and worked together to create a grand gathering of food processing and packaging equipment industry in western China. With the theme of "food and packaging equipment as an opportunity, brand development as a channel to serve the western industry brand development", the exhibition hopes to build a high-end event featuring brand display, business cooperation and value sharing together with elites in the food processing and packaging equipment industry.

The week of September 20-22, 2019, I hope to get together with you at the 2019 chongqing international food processing and packaging equipment expo. I hope this week will be a busy one for you and a fruitful one for you. I look forward to a happy and happy stay in chongqing with you and your friends!

※Related industries

Western food, beverage, baking, hotel, large stores, shopping malls industry associations, media, government institutions to invite, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, automobile industry, electronic products, national food, packaging manufacturers, dealers and agents, industry associations and professional organizations.

※ exhibition schedule

Exhibition time: September 18-19, 2019

Starting time: September 20-22, 2019 (8:30--17:30)

Withdrawal time: September 22, 2019 (15:00)

※The exhibition scope

Food machinery

Rice flour, agricultural products processing machinery equipment, grain and oil processing machinery, pastry processing machinery, puffed food production equipment, beverage, wine processing machinery, dairy, meat processing machinery, canned Fried machine, processing machinery, machinery, candy, peanuts, fruit and vegetable machinery, condiments soy products machinery, leisure food machinery, water treatment equipment, transportation equipment, baking equipment, sterilization equipment, testing equipment, drying equipment, drying equipment.

Packaging equipment

Liquid filling machine, paste packaging machine, sauce filling machine, automatic packaging machine, vacuum filling machine, granule and powder automatic packaging machine, sewing machine, thermal shrink film, thermal sealing film, filling machine, wrapping machine, robe cover packaging machine, binding and packaging machine, composite soft packaging machine, container manufacturing and molding equipment;

Packaging materials and products

Mold equipment, film, aluminum foil, foam plastic film, tape, adhesives, packaging tape, wood products, various packaging special composite materials, can preserve the environment tableware, pulp plastic film, etc.;

Auxiliary production equipment

Packaging machinery counting classification, boxes, boxes, bottles, cleaning, drying, molding, sealing, sealing, weighing, packaging, labeling, marking, aseptic packaging and other special packaging materials;

Safety testing equipment and instruments

Metal testing machine, X-ray testing machine, machine vision testing system, logistics traceability and tracking system, food safety rapid testing equipment, laboratory equipment, certification consulting, etc.

※The audience group

Professional invitation: through telephone confirmation, fax form and group invitation form, the organizing department of the audience will conduct "VIP invitation" to the professional seller database accumulated by the organizing committee, so that the merchants can visit and purchase the exhibition site and get the latest information of the industry market development trend, technological innovation and scientific development.

News promotion: hold promotion meetings and press conferences in target cities, and conduct all-round media publicity; You can get media focus and spread the brand message effectively.

Mailing advertisement: the invitation letter will be directly mailed to relevant enterprises, purchasers and professionals at home and abroad through organizations and professional media to ensure effective customers with decision-making ability and purchasing strength to attend the conference; Collect sales leads, explain high quality buyers and potential customers.

Complimentary ticket plan: print invitation letter, invitation card, visiting ticket, poster and other promotional materials, and invite them through door-to-door visit and personal delivery.Ensure that the exhibition site, you can get the same industry mutual exchange, learning, accumulation of industry experience.

Group invitation: cooperate with industrial parks and economic development zones, organize visiting groups to visit, negotiate and purchase; Ensure that new business opportunities are sought through industry specialization and collaboration.

Exhibition publicity: choose to participate in domestic and foreign professional exhibitions with large scale and influence, and conduct publicity and promotion and audience organization.

Supporting activities: organize relevant technical exchange meeting at the same time, invite the responsible person of relevant enterprises to attend the meeting and visit the exhibition.

Media publicity: the organizer will cooperate with domestic and foreign professional magazines, newspapers and websites to carry out strong media publicity.

Outdoor advertising: hanging outdoor billboards and banners in urban traffic arteries and professional markets for large-scale outdoor advertising.

※The cost

Luxury standard booth

Domestic companies(RMB)

6800yuan/a booth

Enterprises abroad(USD)

2760/a   booth

Standard booth

Domestic companies(RMB)

5800元/a booth

Enterprises abroad(USD)

2360/a   booth

  Empty   ground

Domestic companies(RMB)


The minimum rent is 36m2, excluding any   facilities. Exhibitors need to design and decorate by themselves. The   organizing committee will charge the special decoration management fee at RMB   50 /m2

Enterprises abroad(USD)


Standard booth description

3m x 3m: including three sides of white coaming   (2.5m high), one negotiation table, two folding chairs, two fluorescent   lamps, lintel board, garbage, carpet, 500W lighting socket. In addition to   the above configuration, the booth will be unified and luxurious decoration,   more can reflect the overall strength and image of the exhibitors, double   opening booth plus 500 yuan /a.

Exhibition catalogue and spot advertisement

Advertising position

The cover

The back cover

title page

inside front cover and inside back cover

Color inside pages

arched door

Card advertisement









140MM x 210MM; Exhibitors and visitors can also choose the exhibition catalogue and advertising.



※The exhibition consulting

Service address of the organizing committee: Guangdong hongwei international exhibition group co., LTD. Chongqing branch

National free consultation telephone:023-68962901

To address:Power building, no.7, yangjiaping zhengjie street, jiulongpo district, chongqing

Mail make up:400050

The contact:Mis.tan

Mobile phone number:023-68962901,  13618329757

Mail box:276920880@qq.com

The exhibition's official website:http://www.cfbcie.com

Company website address:http://www.gzhw.com


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