【INVITATION 】The 17th Shanghai International Tea Expo2020

The 17th Shanghai International Tea Expo2020


Time: June 3-6, 2020

Add.: Shanghai Exhibition  Center

 (No.1000 Middle YanAn Road,JingAn District,Shanghai,China)


Approval: ShangHai Municipal Commission of Commerce


Shanghai Commercial Association,SCA

Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations,SFEO

Shanghai Services Federation,SSF

HangZhou Tea Research Institute,ChinaCoop, CCTRI ZheJiang Tea Industry Association, ZTIA

JiangSu Tea Association,JTA

AnHui Tea Industry Association,ATIA

JiangXi Tea Association,JTA

Shanghai Tea Society,STS


Technical Support:

China National  Center of Quality Supervision and    Inspection of Tea

Executing Sponsor: Shanghai Tea Trade Association


Organizer: Shanghai Top Wide Events Co., Ltd

Official Website: www.shteafair.com


1. Exhibition Background

Nowadays the tea fair in Shanghai is one of the most popular exhibition inChina.

The Shanghai International Tea Expo has been held for sixteenth times since 2005,which is authorized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and it sponsors by Shanghai Tea Trade Association. Each year, there are totally two fairs in Shanghai, one is held in May and the other is in October.

There are about 9000 both domestic and overseas enterprises totally. What's more, millions of spectators, buyers and dealers are attracted in it. This is recognized that it has become a top-notch showing and trading platform by almost all tea enterprises  China. It is also a valid channel for them to popularize their brands, develop more clients, broaden bigger market and so on.

Now the efforts that we are doing are necessary for promoting Shanghai’s brands and optimizing market environment. We believe Shanghai International Tea Expo is going to be one of the representatives in the whole tea industry. What’s more, Shanghai Tea Trade Association Chooses a partner, Shanghai Top Wide Events Co, Ltd ,who is familiar with tea industry and has better resources. Our association hope that we could cooperate with more associations for developing a tea event with cultural connotations.


2. Scope of Exhibits

1) Brand Tea: Black Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, Green Tea,        Dark Tea, Scented tea, etc. Tea manufacturers, Distributors, Agents, Import and Export Corporations…

2) Tea Utensil: Pottery and Porcelain, Purple clay teapots, Tea Wares, Metallic and ligneous Adornments, Pseudo-classic furniture, etc.

3) Tea Packing: Tea Canisters, Tea Boxes, Glassware, and other packs.

4) Interrelated Industry: Tea Room Design, Cloths, Tea Table, Seat  Cushion, Publication, Training of Tea Ceremony, Tour, Tea Cultural Exchange, etc.
5) Further Processing &Spin-off: Instant Tea, Refreshments, Health Food and other spin-off.

3. About the Market of Shanghai

1). Tea market size in Shanghai is the top in the whole country.

Nowadays there are about 34 different tea wholesale markets, such as Shanghai Tianshan International Tea City Market, Hengda Tea City Market, Fengzhuang Tea City Market and so on. What’s more, the number of tea houses is a lot, about 1000, and in whole Shanghai have nearly 10000 stores. The companies that is related to that are almost 5000.

2). The demand is quite a large amount in Shanghai. Shanghai is not the place for producing tea, but it is one of the top trading city in the whole country, the average consumption(per person) is about 1500 grams.

3). Various type of tea is almost all available in Shanghai. Shanghai’s population is about 30 million, so it is a such amount of consumption.

4). The advantage of Shanghai is the location of this city. Shanghai is not only the financial and economic center, but also convenient shipping by sea and air transportation. Export trade of tea in Shanghai is becoming a new type marketing in these years.

4. Become an Exhibitor

This guide offers you many opportunities to expand your network and to create a cooperation for you and your business.

Participation Fee in 2020


Price(US   Dollar)




Standard: Setting up, Fascia Board, One   Table, Two Chairs, lamp, electrical outlet with 220V

Raw   Space(/m^2)


Raw Space:

Cleaning and Protecting Service, Space

(Not electric and management fee,  or other facilities)


5. Become a Visitor

If you(and you company) have any interest, please call us or send e-mail to us.It does not matter whether you and your company representatives visit or join it. It still would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition.


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