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SHENZHEN WORLD-AROUND INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.was established in 2015, mainly engaged in import and export shipping and air freight door-to-door services. National First class freight forwarder, NVOCC: MOC-NV12560. The service industry includes food, IT, home appliances, textiles, pharmaceuticals, daily consumer goods, agricultural products, etc., providing logistics management services for many fortune 500 enterprises, listed companies at home and abroad, and well-known enterprises.

The import sector mainly focuses on providing transportation services for food, IT and cosmetics importers from South America, Europe and Southeast Asia to China, providing timely feedback and regular tracking.

Based on overseas network and logistics transport as the carrier, the company is committed to providing faster and more convenient logistics clearance services for importers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and heilongjiang provinces.

Food companies to undertake France and Italy wine, Swedish chocolate, southeast Asia leisure food and beverage. Provide transport services from major ports in the world to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong for overseas sellers and domestic importers. We have rich experience in food label filing and food admittance judgment, professional food label production team, highly familiar with the food industrial structure, to provide you with convenient general inspection services.

Company services:
1. Label filing for approval;
2. General trade declaration and inspection;
3. Acting for import bill and customs declaration;
4. Import sea/air /UPS express;
5. Warehouse management services.
Advantages and Characteristics:
1. Professional channels, green and fast customs clearance, fast issuing health certificate;
2. Overseas stable and mature transport agents and packing shoes service providers ensure timely and safe door-to-door delivery;
3. 99% pass rate of product label filing;
4. Long-term contract with TNT, UPS, FEDEX, preferential delivery service and lowest discount service. Long-term contract cX, EK, SHIPPING company CMA MSK, etc.

5. Provide one-stop import service.

6.Advantage routes southeast Asia, Australia, South America throughout overseas door-to-door delivery, sea and air import logistics transport, customs clearance general trade, warehousing services.


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