Barter Service

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the global food industry is facing multiple challenges. Are you 

falling into backlog of inventory, exploring market or changing careers?


For this, we( )  launch the special service, barter trade, to achieve specialization of commodity replacement and efficient inventory marketing.

When Barter Trade?

Modern barter trade began in the United States in the 1950s, and after decades of development, it has become an important part of global trade in the 21st century.

The classic example of international barter is the American PepsiCo exchanging Coke for vodka from the former Soviet Union, making it one of the best-selling brands in the American market.


Why Barter Trade?

Barter trade is not only a value-added strategy for enterprises to deal with idle assets and overstocked inventory, but also a global trade method for enterprises to expand trade opportunities, expand marketing channels, and obtain additional profits.


How Barter Trade?

Since 2007, we( ) have been serving the food industry. So far, we have cooperated with buyers all around China, and the cooperative suppliers have spread all over the world on five continents. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have continued to innovate, optimize online and offline business matching services, and gained insight into industry data and markets. 


To this end, we have launched another special service - Barter Trade, to achieve specialization in commodity replacement and efficient inventory marketing.

If you have the following conditions, our barter trade service will replace the goods you need with the help of our big data, which not only reduces the inventory, but also reduces the cash flow.

1. Green Hand: Without industry experience, mistakes on purchasing products.

2. Cross-line:  Without right decision on products , resulting in the backlog

3. Season Change: misjudgment, unsalable inventory

4. Area Habits: Different food habits, low sales

5. Country Exchange: Exchange for goods that the country needs

6. Service Exchange :Lack of budget ,exchanging the good for marketing service



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